What can marketers learn from the sciences? Quite a lot

by Scott Brinker
Gord Hotchkiss has been one of my sources of professional inspiration for over decade. One of the pioneers of the search marketing industry, Gord has always had a special talent for blending marketing savvy with broader social and scienfitic thinking in the face of disruptive technologies. He’s masterful at putting the quirks of modern marketing in a larger and more strategic context.Read the full article

MarTech US 2016 - The Natural Laws Of Strategy - Gord Hotchkiss

Watch Gord Hotchkiss discuss why companies study physics, biology, psychology, sociology & neurology to create strategy in this complex world. MarTech US 2016 - San Francisco, CA at The Hilton at Union Square Learn more about #MarTech - http://mrtch.co/25JAvF1