4 ways 1 meeting can ensure your content’s success

Let’s face it, we are all time-poor these days and, yes, we all hate having meetings for the sake of it. But believe me when I say you do not want to skip your editorial meeting when you are running a Brand Newsroom. The editorial meeting is really what holds your content marketing efforts together.Read the full article

Lush Animation: Talking on Camera

It’s rare we have any downtime at Lush HQ. But one rainy Monday, animation wizard Davide had a gap in his schedule and was looking for extra work. Luckily there’s always content to be made, especially when a piece of information can be imagined in many different ways. Here’s a great example of how to extend the investment in your content. Using his wizardry skills, Davide re-purposed a blog article and created a short animated film. The same information has attracted a different audience and given new life to an existing asset.