Digital Commerce Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

by Demian Farnworth
Here are a couple of startling stats to start your morning: $9 billion. That’s the amount of money spent worldwide on ebooks in 2015. $21.3 billion. That’s the amount of revenue from online education in the U.S. alone in 2015. And let’s not forget that mobile usage is off the charts, podcasts are growing in popularity every day, and software as a service is a new business norm.Read the full article

Copyblogger - Digital Commerce - Content Marketing Glossary Digital Commerce Digital commerce is what happens when a buyer gives a seller money for a digital product. The seller could be a single person or company. That’s simple enough. But what is a digital product? Think software, online training courses, ebooks, streaming media, fonts and graphics, photographs, apps, online casino tokens, desktop wallpapers, video games, and music files. In other words, non-physical products that exist only in digital form. So, the buying and selling of these products is known as digital commerce. And the cool thing to keep in mind with a digital product is that once it is created, set up, and proven to sell, it can become, in many ways, a passive, long-term source of profit.