Antihustle — Why Hustling Hurts You (FS161)

by Chase Reeves
There’s an insane amount of hype around hustle these days, from Gary V. telling you not to sleep to shaming instagram posts about how easy it is for some of us to “just be productive.” On the show today we break down this trend, talk about why it’s happening and how your drive to hustle is actually hurting you. You can’t sprint a marathon. Here’s why HUSTLE is HURTING you.Read the full article

Hashtag Hustle (Official Video) - A Rap Song For Online Entrepreneurs

PODCAST: DOWNLOAD MP3: LYRICS: I got that online hustle. All American, David O. Russell. Brain, I work that muscle. Sprout, you know that Brussell. Imma bring the fight all day and night, I’m Hungry for the tussle. (What?) I’m on the road to success. Everyday, don’t even have to get dressed. I work from home, I’m...I’m never stressed. Logging into wordpress, Yes, I’m obsessed. I’m so fine, got talent coming out my spine. I’m on time, got a meeting with my mastermind. I’m number one on Google, nobody can off me. I’m smoother than the butter in my bulletproof coffee. [HASHTAG HUSTLE CHORUS] My copy’s mad tight, so you know it’s magnetic. I check my paypal account, so I know that you read it. I code my website myself, so it’s got that aesthetic. Download my podcast, so I know that I said it. I’m building habits and I can’t stop. These blog posts is my cash crop. Search rankings, got top spot. Just Skype me and we’ll talk shop. (breathe) If ya need another minute to look. I’ll save you some time just download my ebook ----- My hustle’s superbad. I’m McLovin’ it. I call an Uber ride, some productive shit. Everything I can, you know I’m crushing it. I’ll write a thousand words and then I hit submit. You know I ain’t got nothing to prove, I got nothing to lose besides traffic and some pageviews. I got stacks on stacks of lifehacks, pay quarterly tax, ain’t no time to relax, I gotta... [HASHTAG HUSTLE CHORUS] When I bring my laptop on the plane… that’s a write off. When I buy another stupid domain… that’s a write off. When gas up my online gravy train... that’s write off. Even though you know my startup is lean… it’s still a write off. ------ Ugh, you’re so dramatic. Yea, my life’s nomadic. And I know just what you were thinking and you’re wishing that you had it. No, my site ain’t static. Yea, it’s automatic. I need my hustle fix, cause I’m a hustle addict. My Four Hour Body don’t sleep. I’m unique and I only work Four Hour Work Week. My Four Hour Body don’t sleep. I’m unique and I only work Four Hour Work Week.