‘Man, Jared Goff Loves Brands,’ and 4 Other Stories You Should Read

Here’s what you missed while you celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a taco bowl… The New York Times: Inner Peace? The Dalai Lama Made a Website for That Selected by Ann Fabens-Lassen, communications manager One of the most interesting aspects of the tech industry is the desire to use data to change the way we relate to personal things, like Spotify’s fancy algorithm that makes those fire Discover W.Read the full article

  • A better way to report on sexual assault

    cjr.org - 5 readers - Too much conviction can be a dangerous thing. It certainly was for Marine Major Mark Thompson, who had a friend approach The Washington Post on his behalf, in late 2014, about Thompson’s story of how he had been...

  • After 11 Years in Digital Video, YouTube Wants to Take on TV-Sized Budgets

    adweek.com - 2 readers - It isn't always easy to pair up the suits of the marketing world with those freewheeling kids that make the buzziest videos in the digisphere. The two sides—and more importantly, their respective brands—must have chemistry.

  • For True Healing to Begin, Simply Turn Off Your Western Mind

    articles.latimes.com - 2 readers - I was there to research a book. The curanderas (healer women) of Cuernavaca had agreed to meet with me and discuss the secrets of their trade. They lived in a modest house, and later in the night...

  • Man, Jared Goff Loves Brands

    deadspin.com - 6 readers - Jared Goff got picked first overall by the Los Angeles Rams, where he’ll have the exalted privilege of going 8-8 and handing it off to Todd Gurley a bunch. And he’ll be compensated handsomely for his services, now that he’s not a “student athlete” playing for the diarrheal California Golden Bears. Another way he can make money is shilling for br...