Mobile Game Roundup: Pixel Guardians, Give Me Sweets and More

Are you looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend? As usual, there are plenty of new games available for you to try, including Battleborn Tap, a clicker or idle game from 2K. The game challenges players to defeat enemies using a team of heroes called Battleborn. The game also allows users to earn prizes they can redeem in the main Battleborn game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.Read the full article

Paintball Rush

Coming to the App Store soon.

Pelè: Soccer Legend Trailer

The Official soccer game on legendary footballer Pelè! Made by Cosi Games. Download on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for endless fun! iTunes: Googleplay: Facebook Page: Twitter:

The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance Official Trailer

Explore the world of Aethasia™, and join the Resistance in their fight against the tyrannical emperor and his army of mechanical men! Once a beautiful land, Aethasia is now covered by a sickly pervasive fog that corrupts everything it touches. But all is not lost. Rumors are spreading of a fledgling Resistance, who have the courage and audacity to try and restore Aethasia to its former glory, and to reinstate the The Great Engineer back to the throne of Aethasia. And that Resistance needs you! JOIN THE ADVENTURE: Engage with the Resistance as they begin their immense task of restarting the Great Engines to drive back the fog and find the Great Engineer. This adventure will take you throughout the entire land of Aethasia, from No Man’s Landing, through the Snowmoors and Giant Seed Forest, right to the Ends of the Earth Falls! CRAFT STEAMPUNK GADGETS: Discover ancient lost Engineer Technology, collect unusual items, and craft crazy steampunk gadgets to solve puzzles and help the Resistance in their struggle against the emperor Lucky. FIGHT EVIL AUTOMATONS: Lucky’s mechanical monstrosities will fight you every step of the way though! Luckily, the Resistance has at its disposal an arsenal of weaponry and gadgets. Take your pick of hammers, dueling canes, rifles, pistols and mechanical gauntlets! Upgrade and enhance your weapons to take down Lucky’s biggest and meanest Automatons! EXPLORE WITH FRIENDS: This Resistance is not a solo effort! Recruit your friends, explore the world of Aethasia and battle evil automata together. Play together in real time multiplayer battles and adventures. Join the Resistance! Learn more at Copyright © 2016, Aetherlight LP, Scarlet City LP and/or Scarlet City Studios LP. All rights reserved.

Neon Alien : Epic Runner Preview

IOS Android Help Neon Alien Tif pass through the neon alien paths while he neon jumps with the help of the neon power up so he can reach the neon goal of being the best neoning neon alien on this side of the neonsphere ;) How to play: • Tap once to jump or twice to double jump • Collect the Neon power up and gain the ability to jump 10 times • Choose the right Neon path based on the color of the Neon Alien (blue, green, red, or yellow) Are you ready to test your abilities in the ultimate endless running game? Neon Alien is here to push you to the limits as you need to choose the right neon path as you explore the level and increase your score. The more you play the more challenging the levels become! You will be facing multiple neon paths at a time and depending on the color you have you can reach only one of them. Thankfully, you have the ability to jump twice so all you need to do is to time your jumps perfectly. Also with the help of the Neon powerup you will be able to jump 10 times to aid you in your journey of choosing the right neon path. You have multiple characters to choose from in Neon Alien and the more you play, the more characters you can unlock. From silver, gold, glass, diamond, metal green, rust and pink, there are many possibilities for characters and you are the one to choose which one you like the most. Once you start playing Neon Alien you will have a lot of fun and with many levels at your disposal, you have all the ingredients for a happy and fun time. Download the game now and test your limits! Features: • One of a kind neon based mechanics • Time your double jumps with care • Choose from a dozen different characters • Beautiful game world • Fun soundtrack • Compete with your friends to get the high score Please feel free to contact us with your feedback or suggestions at ! We love to hear from you! Follow us on: Twitter: @neonalienstudios Facebook: Instagram: @neonalienstudios Please leave a review if you like our app. Thanks!

Chibi Maruko Chan Dream Stage

Available on App Store: Google Play: Maruko-chan wants to make it big on TV! Join her and her friends as she strives to learn new talents and earn new items to impress the judges. She'll do whatever it takes to win this contest, so mix and match various talents and put on a spectacular show! ▼ KEEP THOSE COMBOS COMING String orbs together in fast-paced talent shows! ▼ PUT ON A JAW-DROPPING PERFORMANCE Impress the judges with tons of cool tools and talents! ▼ ALL YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS Unlock 21 beloved characters from the series! ▼ FAMILIAR FACES RETURN AS JUDGES 30 characters from the TV series will judge your performance! ▼ CUTE & SIMPLE GRAPHICS Adorable art design based on the TV series! ▼ EASY & FUN, FOR ALL AGES Anyone will have a good time, no matter the age! Do you have what it takes to be a star? Pick your talent and show those judges what you're made of!

Rocket Beast - Trailer

PLAY NOW ► There was a time. When silky hair was the dream of every man. While the war was raging, shampoo was the greatest wealth man could possess and it was scarce. But the Gods of shampoo have now given you a powerful weapon, to claim back your stolen shampoo! Use your powers wisely. A funny action game where you must control your powerful rocket missile and take out the bad enemy targets. Try to get all your shampoo back in this casual puzzle action game. Good luck!

Pop Rocket Rescue Gameplay Preview - Blasting off May 5th! - For iOs and Android

Pop Rocket Rescue is an out-of-this-world stacking puzzler from Guru Arcade, coming to iOs and Android May 5th! Web: Twitter: Pop Rocket Rescue is a soda-flavored strategy game where your mission is to rescue the Fizzies, a species of soda pop-producing aliens scattered throughout the galaxy. The Fizzies have been ALIENated from their home planet, and they need to be popped into bottle rockets for transportation back to Poptropolis. Stack and balance your bottles in order to reach the most precariously-positioned Fizzies, using each Fizzie's special flavor - like Gloop's sticky syrup, or Cherry BOOM's explosive ability - to complete the operation and restore Poptropolis to its former carbonated glory! The more Fizzies you rescue, the higher your star count - but stack carefully, ‘cause you'll lose everything if your tower topples. Pop Rocket Rescue will challenge your brain and test your logic for 80 FIZZtastic levels - then, unlock Mystery Mode and Timed Mode to keep the fun flowing. To inFIZZnity and beyond!

CarneyVale: Showtime - Official Trailer

CarneyVale: Showtime coming soon to iOS & Google Play. For more information, please visit or LIKE us @ Help Slinky impress the audience and achieve his dream of becoming the greatest acrobat in history! Swing from trapeze like grabbers, avoid both electrical or fire hazards and gather balloons to complete the performance in this ragdoll action masterpiece! Master death-defying feats as you swing your way through the show in the land of CarneyVale. Give the audience a magical night of acrobatics that they will never forget with skill and showmanship! CarneyVale: Showtime Features • Perform flips and tricks on trapeze like grabbers. • Collect balloons in fantastic fashion to impress your fans. • Manipulate Surrounding props and steer rockets like a rodeo. • Ragdoll swinging action with challenging levels • Make a spectacular finish as you zip through the ring of fire! The lights are shining on you… It’s show time!

Give Me Sweets - Trailer (iOS)

Kidari Sweets' first game for iOS - Coming May 5th 2016! Give Me Sweets is an adorable puzzle platformer featuring a boy, a girl and a dog trying to find the last 70 sweets in a kingdom where all sweets are banned. Together, the three need to find a sweet made by the legendary confectioner Kidari from each level where the sweet is hidden safely in the Sweet Room.