Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Penalizes, SEO, AdWords Editor & More

by Barry Schwartz

Google Penalizes, SEO, AdWords Editor & More - This week in search we posted our monthly Google webmaster report. I covered the Google web spam report which showed Google issued about 500 manual actions per hour last year. Google penalized a lot of big airline sites for showing product rich snippets in a spammy way. Google warned publishers again against using sneaky mobile redirect. Google’s Gary Illyes called it stupid that news sites don’t link out and it makes him angry. He also said we don’t notice most of the Google algorithm updates. And he said that fewer higher quality pages lead to higher quality traffic. Google said keep your sitemaps for 6 months when you use it to expedite redirects. The Google Search Console updated the AMP error report. Google is testing a new mobile friendly testing tool. Google has new extended featured snippets. Google is testing larger margins and white space. Google AdWords Editor updated and so did the Google My Business API. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. May 2016 Google Webmaster Report : Google Webspam Report: Google Manually Penalized 500 Sites Per Hour In 2015 : Google Penalizes Flight Industry Web Sites By Removing Their Rich Snippets : Google Warns Again: We Will Penalize You For Sneaky Mobile Redirects : Google's Gary Illyes: I'm Angry News Sites Don't Link Out, It's Stupid : Google: Most Algorithm Updates Go Unnoticed : Google: Fewer Higher Quality Pages Leads To Higher Quality Traffic From Google : Google On Using Sitemaps For Expediting Redirects: Keep Sitemap Live For 6 Months : Google Search Console Improves AMP Error Report : Confirmed: Google Is Testing A New Mobile Friendly Test : Google Migrating Google Search Console URL & New Mobile Friendly Test : Google Extended Featured Snippets : Google Testing Larger Margins & Spaces Between Search Snippets : Google Upgrades AdWords Editor With More App Features : Google My Business API Version 3.0 Is Out With New Features :

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