The Miles Davis Approach to Content Marketing Strategy

If you’ve ever met me or seen any of my photography then you know I have a passion for rock ‘n’ roll. But as every good marketer knows, it’s important to continually expand your horizons. Lately, I’ve been doing that by diving into the genre of classic jazz. The more I listen to and study jazz, the more parallels I see between sophisticated jazz and great content.Read the full article

  • Miles Davis: 'Kind of Blue' - 29 readers - In 1959, seven now-legendary musicians in the prime of their careers went into the studio to record five simple compositional sketches. The result was a universally acknowledged masterpiece, the best-selling jazz album of all time: Miles Davis' Kind of Blue.

  • Why Miles Davis' Kind of Blue is so great. - 32 readers - Miles Davis'Kind of Blue, which was released 50 years ago today, is a nearly unique thing in music or any other creative realm: a huge hit—the best-sel ...