Can you recover lost search rankings after a botched website redesign or CMS migration? Yes, but time matters.

by Glenn Gabe
There are times companies reach out to me in a panic after going through a botched website redesign or CMS migration. I’ve unfortunately seen the situation many times. Basically, the redesign or migration goes live, all the urls change, and the 301 redirection plan bombs. Either the company didn’t implement a redirection plan at all, or the redirects aren’t working like they are supposed to.Read the full article

Virtual Keynote 2: Gary Illyes & Eric Enge; Going Deep with SEO Tags

Watch this follow-up event to our first online Virtual Keynote featuring Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes, hosted by Stone Temple Consulting CEO, lead co-author of The Art of SEO, Eric Enge. Eric and Gary answer in-depth questions about correctly implementing SEO tags, as well as how to deal with a number of other technical SEO issues. View our first Virtual Keynote with Gary Illyes at