AppLock Protects Android Apps With Face and Voice Biometrics

Sensory announced the full release of its facial- and voice-recognition application on Android. The app allows users to lock access to specific apps and open them by using face and/or voice recognition. With AppLock, users create an account by programming their voice and appearance into the app.Read the full article

AppLock Face/Voice Recognition by Sensory

Download free from the Play Store! AppLock makes it easy to secure other apps on your phone or tablet, ensuring that only you have access to your personal information, your social media apps, and even your financial accounts. Your face and voice are the biometric keys to let you (and only you) in. BETA RELEASE: note that this is an early release of AppLock by Sensory. Please try it out and send us feedback to on what works and what doesn't - we'd love to hear from you. AppLock is powered by Sensory's TrulySecure multimodal biometric authentication technology, which combines powerful speaker verification and face recognition algorithms to ensure a robust and secure experience. For more information about Sensory's technologies, please visit