The Death of Desktop, in 5 Charts

by Dillon Baker
Last year, the five major players of the PC industry—Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard—joined forces on an ad campaign to promote the advantages of desktop computers. It was nothing short of cringe-worthy. The tagline “PC Does What?” was an attempt at millennial speak, but ended up as unintentional irony since people do, indeed, seem to be asking what a PC d ...Read the full article

PC does What - die ersten Clips zur Kampagne

Mit der Kampagne "PC does what?" wollen Microsoft, Intel und die OEMS Dell, HP und Lenovo dem schwächelnden Markt neue Impulse geben und vor allen Dingen Leute mit älteren PCs dazu bewegen, sich ein neues Gerät zuzulegen. Diese Spots sollen dabei helfen. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Windows-Hilfe mit Rezept gibt es hier:

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  • The PC industry joins forces to promote PCs in a new, mildly cringey ad campaign - 29 readers - The "PC Does What?" campaign is backed by Intel, Microsoft, Dell, HP, and Lenovo -- the first industry-wide campaign to sell PCs as a whole.