What Marketers Can Learn About Capturing Audience Attention From Prank-Style PSAs

by Lisa Lacy
11 May 2016 BY Lisa Lacy Estimated reading time: 9 minutes, 24 seconds A marketer’s biggest challenge may very well be simply getting its target audience to take note. Think about it: You have an important message to communicate and you want to ensure your audience pays attention. What’s your best strategy? For some nonprofits, the answer has been with shock via prank-st ...Read the full article

Love Has No Labels | Diversity & Inclusion | Ad Council

While the vast majority of Americans consider themselves unprejudiced, many of us unintentionally make snap judgments about people based on what we see—whether it’s race, age, gender, religion, sexuality, or disability. The Love Has No Labels campaign challenges us to open our eyes to our bias and prejudice and work to stop it in ourselves, our friends, our families, and our colleagues. Rethink your bias at http://www.lovehasnolabels.com Share your #LoveHasNoLabels story by taking three easy steps: 1) TAKE a video, or a photo using our Faces of Love tool on http://www.LoveHasNoLabels.com. 2) TELL us what Love Has No Labels means to you. 3) SHARE your story and use #LoveHasNoLabels to submit it to our gallery. #LoveHasNoLabels t-shirts are now available at http://www.teespring.com/LHNLPride. Order now and wear it with Pride! More On Diversity & Inclusion: Most Americans agree that people should be treated respectfully and fairly. Yet many people in the United States still report feeling discriminated against. For example, one in five LGBT people report feeling there is little or no acceptance of their community. Six in ten Latinos report that discrimination is a major problem and a majority of African Americans report that they are not satisfied with the way they are treated in society. The Diversity & Inclusion campaign encourages everyone to reconsider the biases that we don't even know we have. Visit lovehasnolabels.com to find ways to challenge bias in themselves and others. For more information, please visit: http://po.st/LoveHasNoLabels Smokey Bear Says Stay Connected: Visit Ad Council’s Official Blog: http://po.st/BlogAdCouncil LIKE Ad Council On Facebook: http://po.st/LikeAdCouncil Follow Ad Council On Twitter: http://po.st/FollowAdCouncil Follow Ad Council On Tumblr: http://po.st/TumblrAdCouncil Follow Ad Council On G+: http://po.st/PlusAdCouncil Follow Ad Council On Pinterest: http://po.st/PinAdCouncil Follow Ad Council On Linked In: http://po.st/LinkedinAdCouncil Sign Up For Newsletters From The Ad Council: http://po.st/SignUpAdCouncil About the Ad Council: Our mission is to identify a select number of significant public issues and stimulate action on those issues through communications programs that make a measurable difference in our society. Fore information, news, events, and more, please click here: http://po.st/AdCouncil Love Has No Labels | Diversity & Inclusion | Ad Council https://www.youtube.com/user/adcouncil

We Save Lives - Reflections from Inside

What if your decision to drink and drive was staring right back at you? Share #‎ReflectionsFromInside and help someone get home safely.

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