Email Marketing Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

by Demian Farnworth
Millennials … you’ve got to love them. Particularly when it comes to their devotion to checking their email. According to an August 2015 survey on email by Adobe, Millennials are the age group most likely to check their email: From bed (70 percent) From the bathroom (57 percent) While driving (27 percent) That’s a lot of looking at your email inbox.Read the full article

Copyblogger - Email Marketing - Content Marketing Glossary Email Marketing Email marketing strikes many as old-fashioned … sort of like the horse-and-buggy of digital commerce. But that’s simply not the case. See, effective email marketing begins with you asking your prospect for permission to send relevant and interesting email messages to her inbox. This is important, because everyone checks their inboxes, whereas only a small percentage of people see all of their messages on social media. Email marketing deepens your relationship with your audience. Each email you send — whether daily or monthly, one-off or through an autoresponder series — carries your distinctive voice, while delivering quality, niche-specific content your prospect needs. Effective email marketing builds trust, and that trust helps build your business.