10 Social Media Apps You Should Be Using in 2016 (But Probably Aren’t)

A few months ago, one of my best friends asked “Hey, have you ever heard of this rapper named Drake?” I had, indeed, heard of “this rapper named Drake,” a Grammy Award winner who has had 14 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart at one time—surpassing previous record-holders, The Beatles. I could see my friend’s pain as she realized she had been living an unnecessarily Drake-free life for so long.Read the full article

  • This AI-Powered Camera App Picks Your Very Best Photos

    gizmodo.com - 13 readers - Everyone thinks they’re a great photographer. No really. I’m not kidding. So in a world where we all consider ourselves a modern day Ansel Adams, EyeEm’s new AI-powered app brings a healthy dose of reality to us amateur iPhone pocket.

  • Google Photos Hands-On: So Good, I'm Creeped Out

    gizmodo.com - 14 readers - I have taken 1235 photos and videos with my phone since May 28th, 2014, most of which I will never look at. Even if there are good photos, I’ll probably miss them. It’s just too much shit to crunch with my puny human brain. Can the new Google Photos help?

  • Yubl social media app overtakes Pinterest and LinkedIn in UK App Store rankings

    mirror.co.uk - 14 readers - New social media app uses buttons to encourage people to interact in new ways via their smartphones

  • GoPro's new mobile apps take all the work out of video editing

    theverge.com - 14 readers - Today, GoPro is rebranding and relaunching the two mobile video editing apps that the company bought back in February. One is focused on giving users an automatic editing experience, allowing them...

  • PushBullet Sends Your Phone's Alerts and Notifications to Your PC

    lifehacker.com - 15 readers - Android/Chrome: PushBullet, the previously mentioned app that can send almost anything from your phone to your PC and vice versa, just took the wraps off of "Notification Mirroring," or a way to quickly see, or dismiss any notifications or alerts from your phone at desktop notifications on your computer. PushBullet Sends Links, Files, Notes and ...