How to Build and Sell Your First Online Course in 60 Days

by Ana Hoffman
Your online business is a bridge from your life as you have it to your life as you see it. In your new life, you might have the time and money to do EXACTLY what you want to when you want to. You’ll no longer have to read a restaurant menu from right to left. Your assets will finally grow beyond pizza coupons. But that will be then.Read the full article

How to Create an Online Course Q&A with Diane Holmes

"60 Days to Build and Sell Your First Course" event will take place on Tuesday May 17 @ 12 pm EDT. Reserve your spot here: - FREE. This free training will teach you the step-by-step approach to creating and selling an online course even if you have no idea where to start. In 60 days, you will make your first sales. How?... who says you can't sell your course *before* you build it? During the webinar, Diane will show you how to come up with an idea for an online course and then pre-sell it BEFORE you ever create it. Then, once you *know* it will make money, you can build and launch a minimum viable version of your first course - a "pilot course" - that goes out to your early buyers. When she's done, you'll have everything you need to create and sell your first course. Tuesday May 17 @ 12 pm EDT. Reserve your spot here: - FREE.