3 Ways Atkins Marketing Solutions Grew Profits with PPC

by Dan Shewan
The world of digital marketing offers amazing opportunities for businesses of all sizes to reach new audiences with their products and services. It’s also an incredible opportunity for experienced marketing professionals to branch out on their own and launch their own agencies and consultancies. However, as any marketer or agency professional could tell you, it’s ferocious ou ...Read the full article

Small Business Marketing Consultant, Stuart Atkins

Stuart Atkins tells the story behind his company, his small business marketing book, and his passion for small business marketing. We do small business marketing consulting. We help you: - Tell your story. - Audit your marketing. - Find your customers. Atkins Marketing Solutions provides the following services: 1) Practical marketing consultations resulting in new customers and increased sales. 2) Google Adwords PPC campaign creation and management that directs targeted, relevant, and buying visitors to your website. 3) Keyword research so internet searches result in increased sales. 4) Website landing page improvements, resulting in visitors that both stay and buy from your website and place of business. 5) Website content development so your website visitors understand your message, connect with your story, and return to your site. 6) E-mail marketing best practices and consultations that increases both customer engagement and sales. 7) Social media strategies that target quality rather than just quantity followers. 8) Strategic WordPress advising and planning, resulting in cost-effective and search-friendly websites. 9) WordPress content management and creation training. 10) Marketing research that helps you find targeted, buying customers. 11) Simple and organic SEO best practices that increases your website traffic. 12) Advertising and integrated brand promotion strategies that provide high ROI and maximum reach, frequency, and impact. 13) Custom marketing consulting designed to grow your business and retain existing customers.