Our bias for paid marketing

by Seth Godin
A few rhetorical questions: Is a physical therapist with a professional logo better than one with a handmade sign? Are you more likely to stay at a hotel that you've heard of as opposed to an unknown one, even if 'heard of' refers to the fact that they've run ads? Do you believe that companies that rank higher in search results are better than the ones a few pages later? And if you don't, th.Read the full article

The History of As Seen on TV - Ron Popeil

The History of As Seen on TV and the Legacy of Ron Popeil. Read More... http://www.asseenontvhq.com/as-seen-on-tv-infomercials/ What would our TV viewing be like without the infomercials that daily introduce us to the latest and greatest product since sliced bread? The concept of the infomercial and its evolution into the Ås Seen On TV phenomena can be traced to inventor, Ron Popeil. Popeils creativeness led him to found the Ronco company, known for such amazing products as the Chop-O-Matic and the Pocket Fisherman. The fun that was poked at these nutty products and associated informercials was nothing compared to their popularity and success.