Greatest Advice We’ve Heard About Where To Buy Hiking Shoes!

As part of an active family that loves the great outdoors, we are always outside looking for that next big adventure. However, to have the best time outdoors hiking, it is important that you have the right hiking shoes. I recommend finding a lightweight comfortable hiking shoe that is waterproof and provides support and protection from any type terrain.Read the full article

How to Buy Used Camping & Hiking Gear

Are you using Snapchat yet? Click below to see our latest tutorial and learn all of Snapchats coolest tips and tricks Watch more Camping Equipment & Tips videos: Buying used camping and hiking gear can save you a bundle, but first you have to know where to look. Step 1: Purchase locally Look for used camping and hiking equipment at garage sales, or check the local newspaper classifieds for used outdoor equipment. Buying locally lets you inspect the equipment before you buy it and saves you delivery charges. Step 2: Check eBay Search for equipment eBay at if you can't find the equipment you want locally. Many times you can find good used hiking and backpacking gear that has only been used once or twice. Tip Sellers on eBay are rated. Check the ratings to ensure you only buy from sellers that have proven themselves reliable in the past. Step 3: Check a specialty website As an alternative, look for equipment on a website that specializes in used outdoor gear like or Sites like these make it easy to compare prices. Step 4: Consider buying discounted new equipment Consider purchasing discounted new equipment if you still can't find what you are looking for. is a good source of discounted new outdoor gear. One way or another you should be able to save some money on your equipment. Did You Know? When the ice-preserved mummy of a man who lived around 3300 BCE was discovered in 1991, the man was found to be wearing waterproof leather shoes lined with grass.