Mobile Game Roundup: One Tap Tennis, Monster Builder and More

Are you looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend? As usual, there are lots of new games available for you to try, like Britney Spears: American Dream, the latest celebrity game from Glu Mobile. The game allows users to become a pop star as they complete quests and work with their mentor, Britney Spears.Read the full article

Rescue Birds | Trailer 2 | Witls Games

Rescue Bird is a new 3D Action game for everyone with an interesting and captivating gameplay. It is all about playing with a slingshot Players will have to throw balls of different sizes and special powers using a slingshot and set free the birds who are trapped in cages. Rescue Birds will leave you enthralled in each of the levels. As you go up the ladder and complete levels one by one, there will always be something new waiting for you in each level. So, play it today and get competitive with your friends and family. Enjoy! Rescue Birds is available in the Windows Store: Facebook: Twitter: email: Website: Play and share :)

Alice in Wonderland: Puzzle Golf Adventure! (iOS)

“Begin at the beginning,” the King said gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” - Lewis Carroll Don’t be late and get ready for the most eclectic and eccentric Puzzle Golf Adventure, Alice’s Wonderland has even seen! YOU are the ball! Go down the rabbit hole in over 70+ clever and sometimes diabolical puzzle levels. Aim, roll and explore the fantastical world of Alice’s Puzzle Golf Adventures, inspired by the famous Lewis Carroll novels. Experience all the joy and mayhem Wonderland has to offer in this Pay Once, Premium game, with absolutely no in-app purchases and no strings attached. The Mad Hatter awaits! Or will chasing the White Rabbit drive you mad in the process?! Visit the Tea Garden with its mind-bending, mazes and lush landscapes. Strategically maneuver through the Chess Fields, survive the depths of the Dark Forest, and discover the treacherous Palace with its mirrored portals and card-guard armies. The White Rabbit guides you on this epic adventure – how deep can you go? Can you find your way back home? Can you make Par? - OVER 70 CHALLENGING LEVELS TO MASTER - Combine skill and finesse to complete every inventive and bizarre stage across this magical realm of Wonderland! - SIMPLE CONTROLS, DEEP GAMEPLAY - Using a simple slingshot, golf putt mechanic, master the precision controls to aim and power each shot. What feels quite simple at first, evolves into puzzling strategies of navigating treacherous swamps, tricky hillsides, ball deflectors, teleporters and diabolical, moving platforms. - CHALLENGE NEW FRIENDS AND MEET OLD ONES - Meet Alice, The White Rabbit and the radiant smiles of the Cheshire Cat as you compete against your friends with GameCenter, all across the vast world of Wonderland. Collect all the stars and gems while moving up the leaderboards! - CHALLENGING PUZZLES - This is not your average game of mini golf and you can leave your flamingos at home. Use your brain to solve puzzles that require all your wits and skill. You’ll encounter mirror portals, curious bouncers, and more. Use the environment to your advantage and always look for the Ace! Picking up that last gem will prove a challenge only the best can achieve. HOW DEEP DOES THE RABBIT HOLE GO?? “Alice in Wonderland: Puzzle Golf Adventures” is published by TapStar Interactive Inc. and developed by Paladin Studios B.V. Copyright 2014-2016 Paladin Studios B.V. Additional information at: WWW.TAPSTARGAMES.COM Twitter: @TapstarGames Facebook: TapstarGames Instagram: TapstarGames Support:

World of Dungeons Official Game Trailer

Google Play: Plunge into fierce turn-based squad battles in World of Dungeons, the new dark fantasy RPG. Build your squad of fearless heroes and set off to explore the infernal worlds where you’ll wage your own wars against the undead, monsters and demons. World of Dungeons – это хардкорная сага, в которой стратегия и тактика варгейма и ТБС слились с атмосферой классических ролевых игр в стиле Диабло и Готики. Стань повелителем Хаоса и Тьмы! Follow us:

Titan Quest - iOS official trailer

One of the best hack-and-slash games of all time now fits in your pocket! Mixing ancient mythology with non-stop action, Titan Quest is a classic hack-and-slash offering energizing gameplay with a fast, intense rhythm. Overcome thrilling challenges and vanquish the greatest enemies ever to invade the mobile world! Titan Quest is now available on iOS:

Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art — Official Trailer

Trailer for Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art App. Available now! More information at:

Where Angels Cry: Tears of the Fallen for iPad and iPhone

Stop an obsessed inquisitor’s reign of terror in this riveting sequel to Where Angels Cry! Rumors have it that Inquisitor Augustine has lost his mind and become fixated on witch-hunting. People are terrified. Step into the shoes of the Vatican’s secret agent and travel to Spain to the isolated village of Portonero to bring an end to this madness! Play now on iPad: Play now on iPhone:

Phantom of the Kill (Global Version)

Phantom of the Kill Promotion Video

Stars Dash

Handmade arcade game. You will always find mode that suits your mood!

Kernel King Trailer

Vector 2 - Official Trailer

Vector 2 features intense gameplay with procedurally generated environment and lifelike animations in a dystopian world. Music by J. Yarmosh Android:

Monster Builder

Welcome to the world of Monster Builder, where monster creation is finally at your fingertips! Fight monsters with monsters!