Phil Pierce talks about Video Campaigns in Google Analytics

by Jeff Sauer
Last week we shot several videos for the periodic table of Google Analytics in Jamaica. Today I wanted to share a video with my friend Phil Pierce. Phil and I played tennis in the morning and then talked analytics in the afternoon. I told Phil to pick an element from the Periodic Table of Google Analytics and describe what it means to him.Read the full article

Jeffalytics' Periodic Table of Google Analytics - Acquisition | Video Campaigns

Acquisition | Video Campaigns Jeffalytics’ Periodic Table of Google Analytics: Welcome to the wonderful world of Google Analytics. In this series of Periodic Table of Google Analytics, I’ll show you how awesome this analytics tool can be. We have a guest host today on our show. Phil Pierce, a wizard of all things Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, will be sharing on video campaigns in Google Analytics. Within your video campaigns, you can track actions and event labels with tools like Google Tag Manager. Based on the visitors' interaction with the video, you can create segments and analysis. Want a detailed write up of what we talked about here today? Subscribe for future elements: Phil on Twitter: Phil on LinkedIn: Want more tips and tricks on Analytics, SEO, PPC and more? Head over to Want to take your Analytics skills to the next level and be Google Analytics Certified? Check out our course here Want to master PPC, get more in-depth learning and be Google Adwords Certified? Check out our course here