The Best Rated Shark Vacuum Cleaners of 2016

The vacuum cleaner is one of those appliances which are an integral part of any modern household. Not having a vacuum cleaner is akin to not having a stove – our quality of life and the level of comfort in our own home drop substantially. And having a subpar or a simply crappy vacuum is often times so much more just than an annoyance.Read the full article

What The Best Shark Vacuum Model?

Here is a Link to the comparison chart with all the model numbers I mentioned in the video: In this video I try to compare the different shark vacuums and decided which is the best. Since most of the vacuums I review are Shark Navigators this video could have been called "what is the best Shark Navigator Lift-Away." The four Shark Vacuums I review are the most popular models of Shark upright vacuums and can be found at your local stores for the most part. If not you can find links to the Amazon pages at the link above.