Why Social Media Networks Monkey with Your Timeline – Here’s Why #69

by Mark Traphagen
One-by-one nearly all the major social networks have moved away from a strict chronological timeline or newsfeed to one highly controlled by an algorithm. And each time that happens, many power users object strongly and scratch their heads. Why do social networks keep monkeying with our timelines? Find out in this video! (Transcript and links below) Don’t miss a single episo ...Read the full article

Here's Why Social Media Networks Are Monkeying with Your Timelines

Whether it's a business meeting or a social media timeline, we can waste a lot of time wading through things we're really not interested in. In this episode of Here's Why, noted social media expert Mark Traphagen explains why social media platforms keep monkeying with your timelines. Links Mentioned: 1.) http://stonet.co/twitter-algo 2.) https://twitter.com/stc_corp