Reviews of Best Whey Protein For Men. Find Which Are Best!

The votes are in! Here is the best whey protein for men to gain muscle! Hey, guys, I know you have been looking for the best whey protein powder for men you can find to supplement your weight lifting or HIIT regimen. You’ve banged your head against many walls, and have probably thrown away more powder than you have actually consumed at this point. You’re frustrated. We get that.Read the full article

How To Burn Fat With Protein Shakes

Get a toned and flat stomach FAST. What's up y'all, It's Jonny and today I'm going to talk to you about my favorite subject --protein shakes. This video will show you the precise amount and the special timing for taking protein so that you can build a lean and toned body much faster. 0:32 Benefits of a protein shake: - Protein aids with recovery after a hard workout. - It's the best way to get a massive amount of protein when you are without food. - Prevent crash diets by providing a very nutritious snack. 1:53 Types of protein shakes: - Whey protein is a fact absorbing protein that is great for muscle recovery. It's absobed by the body in about 20 minutes - Casein protein is a great protein to take prior to sleep. It's a very slow digesting protein that will give you a long lasting supply of nutrients during your sleep. - Mass gainers are designed to help you put on calories, so avoid it if you're looking to lose weight. - Natural proteins are a new type of protein sourced form soy, rice, eggs and other natural foods. Since they are natural, the flavor ends up not tasting as good as the traditional shakes. 4:15 Protein increases your metabolism: - Protein shakes is a great way to keep your body's metabolism up by the constant supply of nutrients. 4:54 When to drink a protein shake: - Post workout is the most important time for a protein shake. It's when the body needs it's nutrients the most. - Pre-workout is a good time to charge up your body. Try taking the protein 15 -20 minutes prior to training... this way the nutrients can reach all your muscles. 5:40 When not to take protein shakes: - During your workout is not a good time to take protein. - Protein is definitely not needed for those who are overweight and trying to cut down on calorie intake. - If you have stomach or bowel issues, taking protein might cause unwanted gas and possibly bad tummy aches. 6:16 Where to buy protein shakes: - They are actually everywhere; gyms, gas stations, food store and supplement stores. The protein powder can also come in ready to drink forms, which makes it's very convenient if you're in a hurry or always on the go. I hope this bit of information helps you. And if you want more foods that will help you get lean FAST, watch this video now. In this video I also show you the exercise "shortcut" that I used to go from fat to having a lean and flat stomach I always wanted. If you want to take the fast-track to getting in shape, then you NEED to see this: Train hard, Jonny P.S. -- Use this link to share the video with your friends on Facebook!