Fusion will now emoji the news using Facebook Messenger

Fusion readers have plenty of options when it comes to reading or watching the publication’s stories. They can go to its website, check them out on Instant Articles and catch them on TV. Now, they can get them on Facebook Messenger, too. The millennial-focused digital publication this week started its first chatbot for Facebook Messenger.Read the full article

  • This Twitterbot's sole purpose is correcting people who use the term 'illegal immigrant'

    theweek.com - 7 readers - It has been frowned upon to use the term "illegal immigrant" for awhile now, with The Associated Press dropping the phrase from their stylebook back in 2013. However, the usage still persists — and that's where Twitterbots come in: "That term, 'illegal immigrant,' hangs in the air, permeates the conversation in social networks like Twitter and ...