Local Papers’ Love-Hate Relationship With Facebook Is Proving a Heartbreaker

by Tom Grubisich
Local newspapers have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. They of course love all the pageviews and distribution this Godzilla of platforms can send them with just a twitch from its servers. But they hate the advertising revenue the Facebook generates — and keeps — from all the content it hosts. Unfortunately the love part of the relationship is not proving very fulfilling.Read the full article

  • 6-month-old girl becomes youngest water skier in the world

    sacbee.com - 10 readers - Woah, baby! Zyla St. Onge is already water skiing at the age of 6 months, 26 days, making her the youngest water skier in the world, according to the World Barefoot Center Water Ski School. Here, Zyla makes her long-distance debut on Lake Silver in Winter Haven, Florida, on May 20, 2016. The next day she skied more than 686 feet.