Why Improv Comedy Is the Next Big Marketing Trend

There’s a buzz in the air as people cram into hard-backed chairs, murmuring and sipping from plastic cups. The curtains open, five people run onto the stage and announce that they’re about to perform comedy scenes with no preparations: “Never seen before, never to be seen again.” They ask the audience for a suggestion, and two performers step forward searching for their first idea.Read the full article

Splitting the Bill.flv

Splitting the bill can cause splitting headache

Home Daycare – The Hartford

Don’t let an injury strain you financially. Check the box for accident insurance to help pay for things like medical deductibles and everyday expenses, including daycare.

Squarespace 2016 Super Bowl Live Stream | Real Talk with Key and Peele | Epic Montage

4+ hours of live commentary. All the feels. Follow the conversation online with the hashtag #RealTalk, then check out their Squarespace website: http://www.squarespace.com/realtalk