Deep Silver Fishlabs Launches Puzzle Game Warp Shift on iOS

Deep Silver Fishlabs and developer ISBIT Games released Warp Shift on iOS. The level-based puzzle game challenges players to help a girl named Pi escape a magical prison by moving squares to create a path for her to reach the exit in each level. In each stage, players swipe to move squares and tap to move Pi between squares.Read the full article

Warp Shift by Deep Silver FISHLABS and ISBIT Games (Cinematic Trailer)

Warp Shift is a new puzzle game by ISBIT Games and Deep Silver FISHLABS which takes its players on an audio-visual journey that challenges the mind and stimulates the senses. Visit for more info and to download the app. [ DOWNLOAD ] Warp Shift is now available on the Apple App Store via And Android version follows soon. [ STORY & GAMEPLAY ] Guide the little girl Pi and her magical companion through the maze-like confines of the enigmatic ancient chamber that keeps them trapped. Think ahead and alter your surroundings wisely to usher Faye back home – one swipe after another. [ FEATURES ] • A work of art: Enjoy a mesmerizing game that stimulates your eyes, ears and brains • Get out: Traverse maze-like environments that change at your fingertip • A unique kind of puzzler: Alter your surroundings to open new ways • From one realm to another: Explore 5 unique worlds with 15 levels each • Easy of access: Reach your destination via taps and swipes • No stress or hurry: Play to relax, escape and clear your mind [ ADDITIONAL INFO ] Visit the developers over at (Deep Silver FISHLABS) and (ISBIT Games).