Inside Thomas Cook Airline’s efforts to fly out from under its parent company’s shadow

Thomas Cook is best known for its package holidays, but its U.K. airline now plans to operate separately from Thomas Cook’s tours. Having started out selling solely to the travel group’s tour operators, Thomas Cook Airlines is now on a mission to become a brand in its own right — letting consumers know they can book a seat without committing to a Thomas Cook package deal.Read the full article

A330 Flight Deck 360º - Thomas Cook Airlines Fantasy Flight #TCAFantasyFlight

Find the clues in our 360° videos and guess the #TCAFantasyFlight destinations to win a trip to LA worth over £3,000. Our 360º videos should be viewed in the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android device, or on Chrome or Firefox on your computer. For a truly immersive 360º experience use a VR (virtual reality) headset like Google Cardboard. Think you've found all the clues and are ready to guess? Skip to the different locations onboard: Premium Economy Economy To see more details about the Fantasy Flight competition, visit our FAQs page

#CatsOnAPlane - Non-Stop Fights - A330 Premium Class

Look who's testing our non-stop flights... We invited a team of furry testers to put our A330 through its paces - Meet Quality Ken. He is a total cynic, he’s hard to impress and he knows it. He plays his cards close to his chest – he hates to show anyone what he’s really thinking… even if it’s good! We let him explore our A330 Premium Class cabin to see if he thought it was up to scratch... See more #CatsOnAPlane -