Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Trillions Of Searches, AdWords Updates, Algorithm Changes & Hiring

by Barry Schwartz

Google Trillions Of Searches, AdWords Updates, Algorithm Changes & Hiring - This week in search, Google had their Google Performance Summit and announced they do trillions of searches each year. Google also announced many updates to AdWords including bidding changes, expanded text ads and the redesign. Google may have had a bug with their algorithm showing more foreign visitors to your site. Google added sets to combine your sites in the Google Search Console. Google may do away with the Content Keywords report in the Google Search Console. Google said it is rare for them to recommend you start a new site after a penalty. Google added accordions to AMP but isn’t that conflicting advice from Google? Google said external links don’t really impact your rankings. Google said they may rank duplicate/copied content multiple times. Google said the SEO weather tracking tools are not statistically relevant. Google explained the new interfaces you see in search are just experiments. Google launched image thumbnails next to the snippets for food queries. Google is now showing hotel reviews from third parties. Bing Local now lets you verify your business via the web. Google Adsense has a new automatic experiments feature. Google is hosting a site clinic hangout next week. Google is hiring a new Webmaster Trends Analysts, here is how to apply. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Handles Trillions Of Searches Per Year : Massive Google AdWords Updates: Bidding Changes, Expanded Text Ads, Mobile, Store Visits & Redesign : Google Sending Unexpected Foreign Traffic To Web Sites? : Google Search Console Search Analytics Let's You Combine Properties Into Sets : Goodbye Content Keywords Report In The Google Search Console : Google: It's Rare I'd Recommend You Start A New Site After A Penalty : Google AMP Adds Accordions & More But Will Google Rank Content In Accordions? : Google Comments Again On External Links & Ranking Benefit : Google: We May Rank Duplicate Content Across Domains When... : Google: Weather Tracking Tools Are Not Statistically Relevant : Google Explains The Larger Widths & Spacing In Google Is An Experiment Only : Now Live: Image Thumbnail In Google Food Search Results : Google Adds Hotel Reviews From Other Sources : Bing Local Listings Adds Web Verification : Google AdSense Adds Automatic Experiments Feature: Google Can Review Your Site In The May 31st Webmaster Hangout : Google Hiring A Webmaster Trends Analysts; You Can Be The Next John Mueller :

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