The 6 Best (& Free!) AdWords Tutorials for Beginners Right Now

Starting to advertise online is intimidating. Especially when it feels like gambling—there is an auction? I have to bid on keywords? How do I set a budget? What is a campaign? What are extensions?! (You get the point.) I can empathize. I’m still figuring out what AdWords can offer, which is why I think everyone should have these easy and free AdWords tutorials to help walk through the process.Read the full article

Certification Refresher: AdWords Fundamentals

Prepare for the AdWords Fundamentals exam with this live refresher Hangout on Air, which will cover all topics needed to master the exam and get your certification. Make sure to attend live for the Q&A at the end. In this Hangout on Air, you will learn about - Google’s Display and Search networks - How the Ad Rank formula works - Bidding strategies including cost per click (CPC), impression-based bidding (CPM), cost per acquisition (CPA) and flexible bidding - Budgeting and how much you actually pay when your ad appears - Campaign types and how to set up a campaign - Targeting your audience - Using AdWords extensions Finally, we go over tools for measuring and optimizing campaign performance. --- This will be a live Hangout On Air with a Q&A. Ask your questions on the event page, or via the Q&A app to get them answered live.