What Is Rel=prev/next and What Does It Do? with Gary Illyes of Google

by Mark Traphagen
In this excerpt from our recent Virtual Keynote on SEO Tags with Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes, Gary and our CEO Eric Enge talk about how Google views the rel=”prev” / “next” tag on web pages. View the segment below, or skip below the video to get a summary of the main points. Rel = “prev” or “next” identifies a paginated sequence of pages.Read the full article

Gary Illyes on Rel=prev/next Tags

Google's Gary Illyes talks with Stone Temple Consulting CEO Eric Enge about how Google uses the rel = "prev" / "next" tag on web pages. An excerpt from a Virtual Keynote online event on SEO tags. Watch the full video at https://www.stonetemple.com/seo-tags-virtual-keynote-with-gary-illyes-and-eric-enge/ Need help to bring excellence to your SEO and digital marketing? Talk with us! http://stonet.co/talk-to-stc TRANSCRIPT: Eric: Okay, now rel=”prev”/”next”. So this is used to identify a paginated sequence of pages. Example is you might have a hundred shoe products and show 10 shoes per page and it takes 10 pages to show it and you would normally have HTML links that users would click to travel between those pages, but “prev”/”next” is a tagging system to help Google make sure it understands that this set of pages is a sequence. Gary: Yes, that’s correct. Eric: The pages aren’t removed from the index, however. Gary: They become canonicals on their own as well, I think. Eric: Yes. So the group of pages to some degree are treated by Google like one block. Gary: Yes. Eric: And does that mean that all the signals into any of the pages in that block accrue to the benefit of the whole block? Gary: Yes. And that’s the whole point of the rel prev/next. Eric: Correct. But you might still return a page other than the first in the sequence if a user query was more relevant to a specific product on the seventh page? Gary: Exactly. Eric: Anything that I left out with “prev”/”next”? Gary: I don’t think so. I think you covered pretty much everything.