‘A calculated risk’: Why agencies are making social-justice documentaries

by Tanya Dua
Alfred Lomas was once among the most notoriously dangerous men in L.A. But in “License to Operate,” the former gang leader tells the story of how he linked up with fellow gang veterans to break the cycle of violence. The documentary is gritty, searing and intense. But it’s not currently in any theaters — nor is it an investigative Netflix original.Read the full article

License to Operate - Official Trailer

Across the country, there is a growing distrust between members of the community and those who are meant to protect it. In Los Angeles, a group of former gang members have joined forces with community leaders and law enforcement on a mission to break the cycle of violence that they were once a part of creating. At its heart, License to Operate is a film about redemption, hope and change. It's about rebuilding relationships and forging new alliances. It's about healing the wounds of a community. It's about how the effort of a few can change the direction of an entire city.