12 Blog Monetization Strategies Used To Make $124,074 Per Month

To become the kind of blogger that makes more money in one month than your parents did in an entire year, it takes more than just quality content. It takes building trust with your readers so they believe you and follow your advice when you recommend a new product or service to buy. The old sales adage is nobody likes to be sold, but everyone likes to buy.Read the full article

How to Build a Blog in Less than 4 Minutes and Write Your First Blog Post

http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/bluehost (discounted link!) Today, I'll take you (rather swiftly) through how to setup your first Wordpress blog, in less than 4 minutes. I'll also show you how to change the Wordpress theme, and publish your first blog post, with a picture included. I use bluehost.com for my web-hosting and domain services, however there are many others out there with the same capabilities that you may use if you choose to do so. Here is a shortcut to the affiliate link mentioned in the video: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/bluehost Cheers! -Pat Flynn

Udemy: 25 Tips to Make Great Online Courses on Udemy with marketing and video production

Take this short survey to see whether you would be a good fit for John's coaching: http://jbdcolley.com/survey Get John's course on mastering Udemy here: https://jbdcolley.leadpages.net/ccm-video-optin-2/ John's Udemy course on mastering Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/strategiccd/?couponCode=AlexG97 Course doctor service: http://jbdcolley.com/udemy-course-whats-wrong/ More on the course doctor service: http://jbdcolley.com/coursedoctor In this video tutorial, John Colley, who is one of the most respected and best known Udemy instructors, explains how to create a successful video Course on the Udemy platform, and then how to promote and market that course in order to get many students enrolling in the curse, and ultimately to make money teaching people whatever it is that you are an expert on. John is extremely knowledgeable about Udemy because he has a podcast that focuses on how to make money online with video and Udemy specifically. John has had over 80 guests on his podcasts, and has had a chance to interview and learn from some of the top video marketers and producers. In this video tutorial, John Colley shares what he has learned about making money from other Udemy instructors, and what he learned from creating and marketing his own online courses. Most of John's educational materials are video courses so if you want to know how to sell courses online, this video and John's podcast and other materials are a perfect place to start. If you are new to Udemy or want to know how to become a Udemy instructor and make money by creating online courses and selling then, watch this video, and John will make you great, and help you teach online courses like a pro!