A Guide to Dynamic Search Ads

One of the biggest challenges in search marketing is being able to scale efficiently. Of course everyone is happy when you hit your stride in optimizing the account and your search campaigns are bringing in highly relevant traffic at a favorable low cost – that’s a great first step! But we all know what the topic of the following week’s agenda will be: How to now scale up eff ...Read the full article

Boosting your Adwords campaign with Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads are an efficient new way to target relevant searches with ads generated directly from your website. They generate incremental leads and sales by promoting your business on more commercial queries than you're reaching today. Now, after a year of refinements and successful beta testing, Dynamic Search Ads are available to everyone. This Hangout-on-air, presented by Rachel Melgaard, global product lead, helps get you started with Dynamic Search Ads. She provides an overview of how Dynamic Search Ads work, how to set them up, tips for reporting and optimization, and more.