Direct Marketing vs. Wholesale Marketing: How Steve Madden organizes and optimizes its $1.4 billion shoe empire

When your business is 80% wholesale like Steve Madden, how do you carve out a unique value proposition for your direct ecommerce business? Watch the full interview to find out “The value proposition of our site is that we have the deepest selection [and] we have it before anyone else.” So said Mark Friedman, President of Ecommerce for Steve Madden, yesterday during a live i ...Read the full article

How to navigate the complex ecommerce environment

Like many brands, Steve Madden sells to customers through many different channels. ( For example, 80% of the brand’s sales are wholesale, while 20% are direct to consumer. In this interview, Mark Friedman, President of Ecommerce, Steve Madden told Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MarketingSherpa about how the brand learns about customer preferences, creates a unique value proposition, and the low-hanging fruit he’s discovered.