eAngel: Useful Business Tool for Proofreading Your Emails

by Erik Emanuelli
How many emails do you send per day? Are your recipients from all over the world? Even if you are very precise and careful while writing, chances are that you make some spelling or grammatical errors. Those mistakes could decrease your reputation or jeopardize any chance of doing business. In this post, I’m going to introduce you eAngel, a 24/7 service to easily correct/proofread your emails.Read the full article

Proofread Your Emails With eAngel

Our angels will correct and proofread your emails in minutes. Emails made easy. We all know that a professional level of writing cannot simply be achieved with an automated spelling or grammar checker. No matter how advanced automated software has become it still cannot replace the human brain. At eAngel.me each email is corrected personally by one of our language experts. Our vision is moving beyond language skills and creating clear channels of communication. We believe that different abilities, languages and countries should not be a barrier for accurate correspondence. We want to make it easier and faster, for business professionals, students and individuals living with disabilities interfering with language skills like dyslexia, to efficiently communicate. eAngel.me offers every person just that, and at a low, affordable cost. With one simple click your email is sent to one of our email angels, who personally corrects it and makes sure you sound professional. We correct (not translate) spelling, grammar, punctuation and proper use of words. We correct emails in English, Spanish, French, German and Hebrew. eAngel.me is suited to both business and private users. eAngel.me supports any type of email and any type of browser. Your personal details, your recipients' details and any attachments are never seen by our email angels. We only send the text of your emails to our email angels to help us ensure your privacy. We are committed to your confidentiality. Our pricing model adapts to your needs. If your writing skills are at a high level and you only require minor corrections you will pay less than a user whose writing requires a high number of corrections.