Instagram Tips From Celebrity Chefs To Engage Your Audience

Instagram has been widely talked about as of lately. First, the new logo, that people seem to be having a love-hate relationship with. And now, after months of speculations, the company has confirmed (and brought to life in every account) that changes in the post algorithm are going to happen for sure, making the Instagram feed closer to Facebook in style.Read the full article

  • Love It Or Hate it, Instagram's New Logo Is So Internet Right Now - 8 readers - Gone was the leather-clad vintage camera icon Instagram had been rocking since launch five years ago and in its place glowed an abstract but simple graphic of a camera laid over a color gradient taken from the 90’s. As a icon change the new one caters to the current web aesthetic -- but the critics aren’t having it.

  • You can now record 60-second videos in Instagram - 21 readers - Two months after letting advertisers extend their videos to 60 seconds, Instagram is granting the same privilege to regular users. Instagram videos, which have been limited to 15 seconds since they...