Membership Sites Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

by Demian Farnworth
Let’s imagine you’ve published more than 100 articles on your website and you have 500 subscribers. Many of those articles drive substantial traffic to your site, and you’ve published 12 guest blog posts on other websites. Those guest posts also drive traffic and help you gain subscribers. About once a month, you get an invitation to be interviewed or sit on a panel.Read the full article

Copyblogger - Membership Site - Content Marketing Glossary Membership Site A membership site is a private website that’s protected by a password that offers exclusive content and training and (often) the ability for members to interact with one another. The cool thing is these members may pay you a recurring monthly fee, if you charge a premium to become a member. You’ve probably come across sites like these before — just like Authority, Copyblogger’s content marketing training and networking community. So if you’re an expert in something, and want to go beyond just blogging, creating a membership site can leverage your time significantly — and, if done right, can become a very sustainable digital business.