The Ultimate Guide to GIFs: How to Create Them, When to Use Them and Why They’re Essential for Every Marketer

GIFs are great. And they’re everywhere. We use them at Buffer in our customer service tweets, our emails, our Slack channel. We include GIFs in marketing emails and team announcements. Anywhere there’s a message; there’s the chance for a GIF. And what’s more, we’ve found GIFs get great results! GIFs in tweets are one of our top tips for more Twitter engagement.Read the full article

How To Say Thank You on Twitter

Say "Thank You" with a GIF for an extra touch of delight. :) What are some of your favorite "Thank You" GIFs? This is day 2 of 25 Days of Social Media Strategies Check out Buffer for super simple social media scheduling and analytics: Subscribe here so you don’t miss our future videos (it's free!) - Ask us any questions on social media or here in the comments. We’d love to answer them! Follow us in these places: Twitter - Facebook - Google+ - Instagram -