Foursaken Media Launches Adventure Company on iOS

Foursaken Media announced the release of Adventure Company on iOS. The action role-playing game allows players to control a group of warriors on a quest to find valuable artifacts. In Adventure Company, players complete a series of levels, each with a different objective to complete. For instance, one level may ask players to survive for a specific amount of time, while anot ...Read the full article

Adventure Company Trailer

***Available Now!*** Take to the skies and manage your Adventure Company, a group of warriors dedicated to exploring and finding ancient relics from a mysterious past. Build a team, discover dozens of classes, level up, learn new skills, and find powerful equipment to progress. Use planning and strategy to conquer a variety of unique environments and scenarios, and ultimately rise to the top as the best and most profitable Adventure Company in the land! FEATURES - Team based action/RPG! - Strategically divide your company between battles to find long lost artifacts! - Over 60 classes to discover! - Explore 5 different lands and collect treasure! - Equip endless amounts of weapons! - Dozens of unique enemy types! - Compete to collect daily rewards! - Three different control schemes, along with MFi controller support!