025: Wil Reynolds on Audiences vs Algorithms & People vs Positions

by Dan Shure
I honestly have no better way to set up this conversation with Wil than to tease you with some quotes: “Clients will judge you on what you do the weakest not the strongest.” “Great SEO is caring about people over penguin and audiences over algorithms.” “The SEO industry has set up clients to ask for the wrong thing.Read the full article

1 take: How to become a better speaker

Many of us want to bet better at speaking, so here is how I have done it. Just my highly opinionated .02. Remember though, you can always get better, with practice, I keep on keeping on. Take what you will. Hope it helps, leave comments and I'll try my best to help when I can. I forgot 2 points, and since these are one takes, I have to add in a part II, hold tight. :)