Yes, I Still Have My Jaguar F Type

by John Chow
With all the posts and videos I’ve been doing of my new Tesla Model X, many people thought I got rid of my convertible Jaguar F Type. Nope! I still have the Jag and I intend to keep it. The car is just too much fun to let go! I got both the Jaguar and Tesla for free thanks to the MOBE Motors program.Read the full article

Yes, I Still Have My Jaguar F Type Taking the Jaguar out for a drive instead of the Tesla Model X because you can't remove the top of a Model X! I got both cars for free from

Jaguar F Type V8S - Let's Make Some Noise! Making some noise with the Jaguar F Type is how I bond with your daughter and get her to like what you like. #‎MakeSomeNoise