Content intelligence platform Conductor adds DeepCrawl integration so customers’ sites are tested for search crawls

The New Conductor Searchlight Experience

It’s getting harder to do great marketing. Consumers have more channels and choices. Competition is stiffer. Ads are less effective, and organic visibility takes time and expertise. Since we launched Conductor Searchlight six years ago, we have made it our mission to empower marketing teams to achieve greater outcomes in an industry where consumer behavior is changing often and quickly. We studied our most successful customers. We wanted to know what made them so successful: How did they reach their customers? How did they beat out their competitors? In the next few weeks, we’re putting what we’ve learned right into our platform so our customers can leverage them; we’re calling it the New Conductor Experience. In it, you can follow the workflows of the best digital marketers. Our goal for the new Conductor Searchlight experience is to provide activity-based workflows, each step holding a specific business goal and objective in mind. We want all of our customers to benefit from these workflows, learned from the best digital marketers around the world.

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