6 Essential Tools and Appliances To Save a Busy Entrepreneur Time and Money at Home

6 Essential Tools and Appliances To Save a Busy Entrepreneur Time and Money at Home How much time do you waste per day, per week and per month doing essential tasks around the home? Here are some examples from my life. For many years I didn’t own a dishwasher and wasted 100s of hours manually cleaning dishes. Until recently I didn’t own a coffee machine.Read the full article

LG - LrV5900 Hom-Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

See how the smart, easy-to-use LG HomBot maps your home so it always knows where it is as it cleans your floors, reliably and quietly. The LG Hom-Bot handles a wide variety of cleaning tasks, because modern homes require cleaning versatility. A powerful main brush loosens and sweeps dirt and dust throughout the home, while side brushes clean corners and edges. Hom-Bot also features a microfiber mop for hard surfaces that mops up fine residues and stains. And at just 90mm tall, it's slim enough to fit under most furniture with ease. You control when you want Hom-Bot to clean, whether you're going to be home or not. Just set the schedule according to the hour, day, week and even month you want Hom-Bot to go to work, and Voice Alert announcements will let you know when the scheduled cleaning is complete. LG Hom-Bot's Li-Ion Polymer means great battery life and a long life cycle. Best of all, the Hom-Bot will automatically return to its dock when it needs recharging, and resume cleaning where it left off after the battery is charged. So you have even less to worry about. While Hom-Bot's cleaning technology makes people take notice, it still manages to clean quietly, thanks to smart design like insulation that's meant to absorb vibrations and reduce noise.