The right way to get dynamic with Google AdWords

To be honest, AdWords hasn’t changed much since its launch in 2000. And that’s coming from someone who spends all their time either advertising, testing, reading, or writing about all things PPC and SEM. Sure, AdWords has added a ton of capabilities over the years — from Gmail Ads late last year to extended display networks, ad extensions and reporting — but they hadn’t made ...Read the full article

How to Use Keyword Insertion in Text Ads -- Google AdWords Tutorial

A Google AdWords tutorial for keyword insertion text ads. Learn how to use Google AdWords to set up a text ad with keyword insertion. 😀 Check out our website ( and our blog ( if you want more tutorials related to digital marketing, PPC, Facebook ads, Google AdWords or Instagram ads. SUBSCRIBE to stay up to date on Google AdWords/Facebook ads/Instagram ads tips, tricks, tutorials and how to videos. 🙌 @adhawk