5 Things Marketers Need to Know About Gen Z

“How do I talk to Gen Z?” An executive at a major pharmaceutical company recently asked this question of Amanda Gutterman, VP of growth at digital media company Dose, which operates Dose.com and OMG Facts. The executive wanted to make sure his brand would appeal to teenagers, not only with an eye toward future sales, but also in order to attract top young talent. Gutterman’s response? Be real.Read the full article

James Harden’s Winning At Hoops - Lay-Up

Radioactive sweatbands? Demonic possession? Daily exfoliation? None of the above. Learn the true secrets to #WinningAtHoops with James Harden and Coach Carl. Today’s episode: The Lay-Up.

Gen-Z Matters More than Millennials: Goldman Sachs' Christopher Wolf

Move over Millennials: America’s youngest generation is just coming into adulthood. Christopher Wolf, an analyst in Goldman Sachs Research, explains why Gen-Z’s diversity, fluency with technology, and conservative attitudes toward money will have profound social and economic implications. Learn more: http://link.gs.com/Gwxv