The 6 Scariest Words in Digital Marketing

Here are the six scariest words in digital marketing: “Facebook is changing its newsfeed algorithm.” And so it goes. Facebook announced yesterday it’s changing its algorithm to give priority to content shared by friends and family — and less priority to what content publishers share: Our top priority is keeping you connected to the people, places and things you want to be ...Read the full article

  • News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2016 - 53 readers - A majority of Americans get news on social media, including 18% who do so often. News plays a varying role across the nine social networking sites studied.

  • Publisher Reach on Facebook Is Down 42% - 22 readers - Publishers who have noticed their overall reach on Facebook has dramatically declined over the past few months can at least have peace of mind that they're not alone. According to an analysis by SocialFlow, publishers on Facebook have experienced a rapid decline in overall reach during the past few months.

  • Facebook Is Changing Its News Feed Algorithm to Focus Less on Publishers' Content - 14 readers - Expect to see more pictures of your friends' pets and wedding announcements from extended family members in your Facebook news feed in the coming weeks. And expect to see less news.