What Will Mobile Marketing Look Like in the Next Decade?

In the 1990s, years before mobile marketing took off, phones began their rise to prominence as a tool for common personal use. Each year seemed to bring small and lighter models, with little features like “flip” cases, walkie-talkie style calls, and the first text messaging services. To many, it felt like an unimaginable luxury, the quintessential sign of the future as now.Read the full article

Gatorade | Behind the Sweat | J.J. Watt 360° Video

Become J.J. Watt in this epic 360° video to experience the speed, strength and sweat of the best defensive player in football. From running drills on the field to lifting weights (and tires) in the gym, you can see what J.J. sees from all angles as he trains for the upcoming season. Video must be experienced in the latest YouTube app or Chrome desktop browser. Mobile – 360° Video: Open the video in the YouTube app, then move your phone around to become J.J. Watt. For optimal experience, view over WiFi. Desktop – 360° video: To view on your computer, open the video in Google Chrome and click to drag around to see what J.J. sees. For optimal experience, view in 1440p HD. Mobile – Virtual Reality: To become J.J. in virtual reality, use a Cardboard headset on your Android device, open the video in the YouTube app, then tap the cardboard headset icon in the bottom right to switch into virtual reality viewing mode. Place your phone horizontally in the headset and boom, you’re J.J. As a bonus, see if you can be the first to find and tag the time of the following hidden Easter eggs: • High school J.J. • College J.J. • Dog tags • Someone reading a J.J. comic book • Messages about staying hydrated