4 Lessons We Can Learn From a ‘Link Nirvana’ Client

The link building side of SEO can be hard work – even when you’re working with a client who runs a good business and deserves recogition. And in some industries (particularly ‘boring’ industries), it can be even harder… So it’s always a pleasure when you work with a ‘link nirvana’ client. What is ‘link nirvana’? ‘Link nirvana’ is when a business/website gets links naturally, without even trying.Read the full article

Rapid Fire Link Building Strategies (Wil Reynolds)

Wil Reynolds gave this talk at the SEOmoz Meetup at the Search Church (www.thesearchchurch.com) on 5/10/12. He talks about doing "s*it real companies do," new ways to use old tools, and the importance of persuasion is in Link Building.