Introducing Tradestreaming, Digiday Media’s newest media brand

At Digiday Media, we dig deep into how tech is changing businesses. And it’s not just in the media and marketing industry. Last month, we took the big next step with the launch of Glossy, providing daily reported analysis into how technology is changing the fashion and luxury business. Now, Digiday Media is turning its attention to finance, with the re-launch of Tradestreaming ...Read the full article

Meet Tradestreaming.

Tradestreaming is the third media brand to join the Digiday Media family. Tradestreaming covers how technology is changing the world of finance, from mobile payments to mortgages to investments to so much more. In this interview, Tradestreaming editor-in-chief Zack Miller explains the rise of fintech and why there needs to be coverage of it now more than ever. Visit us: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: